Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Man in court after alleged fantasies about eating girls

Source: AAP News

ADELAIDE, Oct 31 AAP - A man who allegedly fantasised about eating the internal organs of young girls has appeared in court charged with child pornography.

Robert John Walker, 42, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today charged with one count of possessing child pornography. It is alleged Walker, from suburban Athelstone, had more than 2,000 images of children on his computer and on computer disks, along with children's underpants.

Documents filed with the court also claim Walker had unsigned contracts for principals of kindergartens and primary schools to "supply" him with students. The contracts allegedly contained a clause preventing the principals from going to the police. "(The contracts) included ... bondage and food supply contracts detailing the removal of young girls' bodily parts for food," the court documents say. "(They) were labelled `Rape and Bondage', `Bondage and Food Supply' and (had) authorisation letters to remove children from school to carry out these acts."

The contracts allegedly contained details to remove the body parts of children, including their brains, eyes, hearts and sexual organs, "to cook and eat". One court document allegedly seized from Walker - titled "Bondages and Food Supply for SA" - contained details of the addresses of more than 60 potential victims, including a baby girl, pre-schoolers, school girls and mothers.

Another document was titled "Last Will and Testament for Boys", while another detailed numerous types of sexual abuse and sexual acts on animals.

In the court documents, police say Walker "thought (about) these things regularly. He wrote and typed them out to avoid carrying out these acts." Today's court appearance was to determine whether Walker should be released on bail but the court heard he had decided to withdraw his bail application. Police prosecutor Fred Wojtasik (Wojtasik) said investigations into Walker's alleged offences were continuing and further charges could be laid. Walker will appear in court again next month.



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