Monday, November 07, 2005


(AGI) - Siracusa, Italy, Nov 5 - Italian criminal organisations have
no direct involvement in human trafficking operations which,
according to Anti-Mafia Office Chief Peior Grasso, are prevalently
managed by foreign organisations. "Italian and foreign criminal
organisations do, however, share business ties; transactions are
typically managed using drugs as privileged currency.

Mafia organisations are also known to impose "duties" on foreign
organisations dealing in human trafficking on domestic soil. Whether
it be the Mafia in Sicily or Camorra in Campania [...] Italian
criminal organisations don't meddle with foreign operators,
preferring oversight and duties".

According to Grasso what's needed is a concerted effort on behalf of
the countries where [for example] prostitutes originate from,
countries providing safe passage and countries which ultimately
exploit prostitution.

On that count Italy is fully involved "in that it provides both a
safe passage and a point of arrival", says Grasso. "We need to
investigate the root cause of prostitution according to prostitute's
country of origin.

Recruitment varies depending on whether it's Nigerian or Albanian
women". Greater cooperation is needed between Police Commissioners
and the Anti-Mafia Office, according to Grasso.

Results thus far are summed as follows: "as of January 2000 up until
new legislation some 804 persons were under investigation - Grasso
concluded -; as of July 2003 the figure has risen by 1,017, totalling
1,821. The Rome Prosecutor's Office handles the largest number of
cases, involving 119 persons". (

AGI) -
051610 NOV 05


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