Monday, November 07, 2005

Hospital executive also runs brothel

By Darrell Giles
From: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

A QUEENSLAND Health senior bureaucrat says the State Government has been extremely supportive in her other role as a brothel manager.

Nicole Mair, managing director of Club Tigerlily at Brisbane's Eagle Farm, said there had been no repercussions from Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, where she worked during the day as director of health information services.

"They have been very supportive," said Ms Mair.

"The only problems have been in terms of my time . . . trying to do two jobs."

Ms Mair splits her working week, doing three days for Queensland Health and three days at Club Tigerlily.

The divorced mother-of-two said she had initial concerns that working in the sex industry could damage her reputation as a respected health professional.

"But I have never got the feeling that people are opposed or that I am looked down upon or stigmatised," she said.

Ms Mair, who also lecturers at Queensland University of Technology's school of public health, was asked by her business partner to run Club Tigerlily after the brothel received Prostitution Licensing Authority approval.

Her experience in administration and health-related areas was considered valuable to the business.

"I had never done anything like it before and saw it as a real challenge. It has been very interesting. The learning curve has been quite substantial."

Ms Mair received the approval of her grown-up children and, most importantly, her mother, who all thought her new line of work was "cool".

She described Club Tigerlily as a high-class establishment where prostitutes could earn $1000 a night.

"They are all independent operators. A percentage are students supporting themselves during studies. There are girls who are single mums, girls who are married."

Ms Mair said there were no teachers, lawyers or accountants working as prostitutes at her club, but she knew of some women with professional careers who enjoyed the second job in Queensland's 19 brothels. "They are all really great, but there is such a dreadful shortage of girls in Brisbane and it is difficult for us because we are not allowed to advertise (for staff)."