Monday, October 24, 2005

'Gang rounding up teen girls for prostitution'

By Norman Joseph
October 21, 2005

A gang has abducted and drugged their teenaged daughter and is holding her against her will, says an Elsies River family.

Rumours abound that the gang is regularly rounding up teenaged girls, drugging them and forcing them into prostitution.

It is understood there are several arrest warrants for the alleged gang leader regarding other crimes. It is believed he was released from prison about four months ago.

Police sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the incident regarding the Elsies River girl.

Samuel Esau, 43, said he and his wife Junetta, 41, are at their wits' end over their 16-year-old daughter Charlene's whereabouts.

"She recently called home and told us that she was okay, but we could hear that she was in a drugged state and could not speak much," Esau said.

He told the Cape Argus his 11-year-old daughter had told him a man sporting a "spiky" hairstyle knocked on their door between 8pm and 8.30pm on October 11 and asked to speak to Charlene. He was asleep at the time and his wife was at church.

"Charlene told her two sisters to go inside and she then went outside to the gate where a maroon Nissan Sentra was parked.

"Another teenaged girl emerged from the car and the three of them started talking before they forced Charlene into the car and sped away.

"My 11-year-old daughter witnessed this while standing at the lounge window."

When the family reported the incident at the Elsies River police station early the next morning, they were told to wait a few days and then return to file a missing person report. Esau said Elsies River police only accepted the report last Sunday.

"They did not even open an abduction case, only a missing person file."

Anyone with information should call Inspector Gavin Lawrence at the Elsies River police station on 021 933 0300 or 082 498 7230.


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