Monday, September 19, 2005

Goa: Poverty Forcing Bar Girls to Take up Prostitution, Says Union President Varsha Kale

"Twentyfive per cent of bar girls have already taken up prostitution. The organized operation is luring their young dependents into prostitution,'' said Varsha Kale, Indian Bar Girls Union president.

While of 75,000 bar girls, 50 per cent have already left the state and scattered in areas like Goa, Rajasthan, Agra, West Bengal and others, many are being picked up for prostitution.

Kale said that they had insisted that the bar girls should resist from getting into selling their skin. However, poverty is forcing them into it.

Said Kale, "A bar girl Kajal died as she was not having money for medication; Meena Ramuti committed suicide; Bilkis Khan had committed suicide after quarrel with her husband over money matter; an unidentified body was found which is claimed to be of a bar girl; Pooja tried to commit suicide.....''

The activists working towards rehabilitating the bar girls have appealed them to work as waitresses in different bars. This would help them to earn with dignity.

"We agree that they would earn less than the expectation but it will help them to mend with their expenditure,'' she said. According to her, 18,000 bar girls have opted to work as waitresses.

"The Police have not budged from harassing them even now. Even after working as waitresses they are picked up from bars,'' complained Kale.

She has initiated dialogue with various Non government organisations to work out solution for this problem.


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