Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Accused pimp is indicted in killing

August 9, 2005 12:00am
Source: Cincinnati Post (OH)

Accused pimp Angel "Skinny" Batista shot a customer execution- style after a confrontation at the brothel he ran in Springdale, according to prosecutors.

The 40-year-old Batista, who police say is an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was indicted by a Hamilton County grand jury Thursday on charges of murder and promoting prostitution. He faces 15 years to life in prison if convicted.

Rodolfo Garcia Samano, 30, an illegal immigrant from Mexico living in Springdale, visited a prostitute at Batista's brothel at 484 West Kemper Road the evening of May 10, 2004, prosecutors said.

The brothel was part of a multi-state prostitution ring that had locations in Kentucky and Indiana as well, said Springdale police.

Samano returned after hours that night at the invitation of the prostitute, said Springdale Police Detective James Grindle.

Samano demanded to see the prostitute again, at which point a brothel employee called Batista, prosecutors said. He showed up with two other men, according to authorities.

After an altercation, the three men forced Samano to kneel down and shot him execution-style in the upper back, prosecutors said.

Authorities arrested Batista in Detroit after a traffic stop. Border patrol was called in to interpret because Batista could not speak English.

Unsatisfied with his answers, authorities took him to a police station and ran his fingerprints. They found Batista was wanted here on four warrants related to improper use of identification.

The presence of a brothel in Springdale was "surprising," according to Grindle.

The operation was difficult to detect because foreigners in the area often house many family members, he said.

"Seeing people go in and out of the home a lot is not unusual," he said. "It didn't draw attention in that regard."

Batista had at least eight aliases, said Grindle, and often went by the nickname "Skinny" or its Spanish equivalent, "El Flaco."

The prostitution ring included girls from all over the country, some of them illegal aliens [and trafficked? - Donna], Grindle said.

"My understanding is the girls were in town one, two or three weeks and were then transported into Kentucky. We've been told they've been in Indiana, too," he said.

The girls were rotated so that the brothel boasted new girls every couple weeks, he said. [Has anyone informed these guys about trafficking? - Donna]

Batista promoted his operation with business cards that were distributed at places such as cash checking stores and restaurants, Grindle said. They were written in Spanish.

Police have several other suspects in the case, but no one has been arrested, he said.



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