Monday, July 25, 2005


[sometimes you come upon a quote, or in this case, paragraphs, that reminds you why you are in this fight in the first place.]

"So here's the question: Do all these numbers - or more precisely, the reality behind these numbers--imply that we hate children? Perhaps the answer would be more evident if we simply invert that question: 'Do we value children?'

The answer of course, is yes. One to two dollars per fuck, unless we happen to be in the Philippines, in which case it will cost us six dollars to have sex with a six-year-old..

So let me put the question another way: Was slavery in the United States based on hatred of the Africans, or was it based on economics? Is hate even the right word?

The problem we have in asnwering (or even asking) these questions comes from the fact that hatred felt long enough and deeply enough no longer feels like hatred. It feels like economics, or religion, or tradition, or simply the way things are. Rape is not a hate crime because our hatred of women is transparent. Child prostitution is not a hate crime, because our hatred of children is transparent. The economic murder of children (or creating the economic conditions for their slavery as prostitutes) is not a hate crime because we've held this hatred long enough to enshrine it into our macroeconomic policies.

If we do not hate children, we would not cause or even allow them to be destroyed by any of these means. And if we do not love even our children, what, precisely, can we truly say we love?"

- The Culture of Make Believe, Derrick Kensen (42)


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